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Three months and two smoothly executed surgeries after I first went to see Dr Howard I wore shoes for the first time in nearly a year. Two more months and a few orthotic fixes later I played soccer for the first time in two years. My life's back. I'm a happy camper. I've also nominated Dr. Howard for the congressional medal of honor.

On top of being a great doc he's a super cool guy. I'd buy him a beer if he wasn't so busy healing the world and raising an infant.

Johnny W.
San Jose, CA

I started seeing Dr. Cornelson when I was training for the Susan G Komen 3-day walk. I had some foot issues going on and wanted to deal with them early on in the process. Dr. C was very knowledgeable, explained options and started with the least expensive one... an over the counter foot insert that he made minor adjustments to. End result - the problem dissipated. No surgery needed. A little over a year later another problem popped up. With another adjustment to the other foot insert that problem also disappeared - again avoiding surgery. My prior podiatrist would have ordered up custom orthotics at the first visit (at a high cost) or done surgery right away. I am SOOOO thankful that Dr. C will first try less costly and less obtrusive solutions. If, down the road I end up needing surgery I know that Dr. C will be the choice for me!

Dawn H.
San Jose, CA

Dr. Howard is a fantastic doctor who dealt with my foot problem quickly and painlessly (which is saying a lot cause I'm a wuss when it comes to procedures!).

David C.
Sunnyvale, CA

There are two doctors at this practice, and I went to see Dr. Howard. I went in for a consultation for pain in my feet after doing the Avon Walk, and I was surprised that Dr. Howard took the time to be really thorough. The consultation went right through his lunch hour, but he was really patient and walked me through tests and x-rays. He even wrote down all the medical lingo after he diagnosed me so I could Google it all when I got home.

I scheduled a follow-up appointment a week later, but ended up rescheduling a few times due to conflicts. The staff at the office is absolutely wonderful, and they're very accommodating with rescheduling. Their office opens at 7:30am on weekdays, so I also really appreciated that I could schedule appointments before work.

The best thing about Dr. Howard and the staff is that I feel like they really try to get to know their patients. My follow-up appointment was weeks later, but they said they had been worried about me because I had been in so much pain the last time they saw me.

Tip: Before doing marathons and walks, consult a podiatrist! It might save you loads of pain afterward.

Mee-Sun Y.
San Francisco, CA

Everyone from the front desk to the doctors here are great. I am a super chicken when it comes to doctors and will never go but this time I was in so much pain I had no choice.

Dr Howard was fantastic and had many options for me. He has been very thorough in his follow up.

Couldn't be more pleased!!

Gwenn E.
Mountain View, CA

I've been to three podiatrists for a continuing problem. Dr. Howard is the best. He has performed my procedures better than the other two doctors and has the most caring attitude towards his patients. If you are looking for a new doctor, he's the one.

Pam M.
San Diego, CA

Our whole family goes to Cupertino Podiatry. Dr. Cornelison makes sure to explain everything he's doing, offers different options and gives details about diagnoses, prognoses, price, pain, waiting time, etc. Never condescending and always kind and friendly. My young son sees Dr. Howard, who follows exactly the same approach. Humorous, thorough, informative. I always recommend them to others.

Pora P.
Cupertino, CA

I made an appt for my young child with Dr. Howard after reading the reviews. I'm glad I did. He was kind, respectful of her and explained in detail what he was doing to check her feet and why. Because he spoke to her and didn't just talk to me, he validated her, which a lot of Dr's wouldn't do. We have a plan of action for her condition and she will be happy to go again, if we ever need to.

E T.
San Jose, CA

I used Dr. Cornelison recently for foot surgery. Prior to him..I had seen a podiatrist that seemed to rush me through the process. Dr. Cornelison is personable, knowledgble and trustworthy. In addition..he did a great job on my surgery and the recovery has been much faster and easier than i had prepared for.

Laura A.
Campbell, CA

I met Dr. Howard while he was still doing his residency at the VA Hospital. He treated me for a chronic ankle pain that was persistent and unrelenting. One quick steroid injection by a smart and efficient resident relieved the pain for good. That ankle hasn't bothered me for the past 3 years.

I visited Dr. Howard once again, this time at Cupertino Podiatry. I had an accident that caused both my toes to swell tremendously and resulted in my left toenail to pop off, but left attached at the base. Needless to say, I was in dire need of medical assistance. I called Dr. Howard last minute and he fit me into his schedule first thing Monday morning. Later I found out he doubled booked his schedule in order to fit me in, I couldn't believe it!

His staff was super friendly, even at 7:30 in the morning!! It took me only 5 minutes to check in and the nurse led me straight into the exam room. Dr. Howard examined my feet and unfortunately had to remove my entire toenail. As afraid as I was, the entire procedure was very fast and as pain free as possible. But only pain free because Dr. Howard was so kind and kept reassuring me. He kept an easy conversation going as to distract me from what he was doing. Before I knew it, all was over and done.

What was most impressive was the follow-up e-mail I received from Dr. Howard a few hours later making sure I was doing well and reiterating post-care instructions. The special attention he pays to his patients is definitely appreciated.

Dr. Howard is an extremely patient doctor. Very caring and compassionate. Not to mention super friendly and personable. I highly recommend anyone who is searching for a podiatrist to pay him a visit.

Amy C.
Foster City, CA

Best foot doctor ever! --- and his staff is pleasant, courteous and caring too. Dr. Cornelison worked with tenacity & determination to remove a deeply buried piece of glass from the bottom of my foot. He took his time to explain everything he was going to do and what to expect afterwards. The whole time he was working on my foot he kept checking in with me to make sure I was okay. He put me on antibiotics since it was infected and told me to call anytime if it got worse before the next appointment. I felt well cared for and my foot is now healthy again.

Alice H.
San Jose, CA

Dr. Cornelison is a fantastic doctor!!! He performed an arthroscopic drilling on my ankle from a bad sprain I had. Prior to surgery, he took all the time I needed to explain everything he would be doing and the plan for recovery, etc. He was very able to work with my un-flexible schedule right around Christmas time and even performed the surgery at El Camino Hospital near where I live. I really appreciated the 24-hr emergency page when I needed some reassurance the night after the surgery. Surgery and recovery went spectacularly and follow up visits went great as well. Very caring, nice guy who REALLY knows his stuff well. I am also now seeing him to get custom orthotics made and so far the process has been smooth.

I think what I appreciate most from Dr. Cornelison is his optimistic yet realistic attitude and his knowledge in podiatry. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone.

2 year update: Went in to have my ankle checked again and the x-rays showed everything was fixed. I havent had pain since the surgery and the orthotics that Dr. Cornelison made for me have been wonderful. I am even considering buying a second pair so I dont have to switch them from shoe to shoe each day.

M P.
Santa Clara, CA

I went into see Dr. Howard for ingrown toenails and he was great! He took his time to explain all my options and he was gentle as possible. I would recommend him to anyone! His front desk staff was also great, they were so friendly and they also took time to review everything with me as well. If you need a podiatrist, you've got to try Dr. Howard.

Allison S.
Los Gatos, CA

I have seen Dr. Cornelison a number of times. Due to a few foot problems I have seen many different podiatrists. Dr. C is by far the most thorough; he takes the time to explain what is going on, and offers different options for treatment, including exercises if that is your bag. I strongly recommend this practice.

Gail S.
Sunnyvale, CA

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